Sales Funnels – Click Funnels Review

How can Sales Funnels grow your online business?  You need to develop your customer relationships with an email list.

What is the best way to grow an email list?  Give your audience what they want and then exchange that for an email address.

Then you need a landing page

Then you need a funnel through which your new email subscriber will flow towards your product sale.

This is the key to every internet marketer’s strategy and the way every successful internet marketer makes money.

So what are the essential elements of this strategy?

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Email Services

You will need an Email Service Provider to help manage your email contacts and help you to create and automate your communication with your audience.  For this I recommend Active Campaign which is sophisticated without being confusing and very affordable – particularly when compared to Infusionsoft.  More about Active Campaign in another post

Landing Pages

You need somewhere for your audience to visit so that they can you can entice them to exchange their email for what ever gift you have organised for them.  This is where Click Funnels comes in.  Landing pages are single purposes pages where all your visitor can do is sign up for your offer.  All other distractions are removed.


This is the life blood of the internet and without it, to be blunt, you do not have an internet marketing business.  You need visitors who you can convert to customers through the;

  • Find Me
  • Know Me
  • Like Me
  • Trust Me
  • Pay Me
  • Evangelist Me

Internet marketing paradigm.  You can pay for your traffic or you can use SEO to create organic unpaid traffic.

How do you create Sales Funnels with Click Funnels?

The first step is to identify the type of sales funnel best suited to your product and Click Funnels has done all the hard work for you here.

Secondly, select a page design that you really like.  Again, these are already prepared for you so you get the look of a “designed” page without having to do all the hard work!

Then “Click!” and the funnel is ready for you to customise and make your own.  And its all drag and drop!

So why is Click Funnels so important for Sales Funnels?

Sales Funnels - Clickfunnels Review

  • Firstly this is an Internet tool by internet marketers for internet marketers.
  • The support is outstanding and that is in addition to a plethora of tutorial and help FAQs for just about anything you can think of
  • Click Funnels offers extensive integration with autoresponders, payment processors etc.
  • As a cloud based solution you don’t have to pay for hosting
  • It has a (dead) easy to use drag and drop interface
  • You can design your entire marketing funnel in one place
  • You can also create membership sites with its built in functionality
  • And, don’t forget, the excellent referral programme.

If there is one drawback to Click Funnels they do not enable unlimited traffic to be sent to your funnels but frankly, that is not going to be a problem for most of us.  Leadpages – another Landing Page generating platform which I use and like very much – does allow you to.  That having been said, you can’t create membership sites with Leadpages.

Sales Funnels Clickfunnels Review

Click Funnels Strengths

  • Great for creating highly customisable landing pages and sales funnels, fast
  • Great for creating membership sites for your information products and continuity programmes

Sales Funnels Click Funnels Review


Thats a YES from Me!  I have used OptimizePress in the Past and still use Leadpages but I feel that Click Funnels is pulling ahead and eventually I will switch over to Click Funnels entirely.  That having been said, never put all your eggs in one basket

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Sales Funnels Clickfunnels Reviews


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