Six Minute Interview – Tim Forrest

Tim Forrest





Name: Tim Forrest

Current Role: CEO and Senior Advisor


Location: St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA


With a highly successful career based on win-win relationships, Tim Forrest connects clients with opportunity and growth. His 27 years of innovative marketing, 100’s of millions in sales, distribution, and international consulting experience, have made him nothing short of an institution. He knows the North American Consumer Products industry like no one else, and is a master at helping companies create and extend their success in this complex environment. Building markets for Nestle, Unilever, the famous Mr. Wally Amos, or your company, Tim powers growth and his clients agree sharing insight into how Tim’s creativity doubled their sales volumes, developed ‘sell out’ consumer programs, and catapulted them into international markets, along with leading a record 20 vendors into the club channel, 10 items on QVC Television, and just recently pioneered one of the world’s largest Organic product launches.

Interview Questions

1. What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Pricing issues are self-esteem issues.

2. What is the greatest challenge facing your business today?

Continue to share value and build products for my area of business influence while serving my client base in the role as a consultant. Spending the necessary time on publishing, speaking, and marketing within the food manufacturing world. My youtube channel helps in this effort but I still am way behind in releasing the content and IP that is available for my markets.

3. What is the worst business decision you have made and what did you learn from it?

About 10 years ago, I pioneered and built an $8 million food business with a partner without a strong agreement for the effort. Now, when I take action with clients it follows the proper course of contract execution.

4. What is the best business decision you have made and why?

Seeking help from others with the experience and success in my area of interest. This one ability that I had to develop,  and it took years for me, has quickly resulted in new opportunity and success that had previously been over the horizon and not within my reach.

5. Who is the Business Person you most respect and why?

Lauryn Chun has to be at the top of anyone’s list for most respected and admired food company entrepreneurs and executives. Lauryn has taken a generally unknown and obscure Korean food and has trumpeted the horn all across America that Kimchi is a vibrant, versatile, and important condiment to be considered a part of anyone’s cuisine.

6. Recommend your favourite business book.

David Allens work on actions and workflow in his books “Getting Things Done” and “Making It All Work” are fantastic for people desiring to achieve results in their professional and personal lives. He provides a technique to better achieve results in your available time.


7. Recommend one online productivity tool/web service you would never be without and why.

First, let me share how important the ability to touch type has been in my life. This single ability has allowed my professional efforts to flourish over the years along with my growth and use of the internet. My choice would have to be google search and the ability to use it to perform tasks in my business development and content needs. Time and time again, my efforts resulted in amazing business success with information gleaned from a google search. It is so simple and yet so important to many of the results in my day to day activities.  For example, we first met after I performed a google search on an unrelated issue but your hexagon theory popped into my search results.  Your ‘Six’ levels of analysis are brilliant.

8. What future trend do you think is going to change the world?

The faltering of big brands.

Early Adopters: the world is changing and challenging established norms and previously accepted consumer icons. We see it everyday. Established brands and sometimes decades old businesses closing doors and losing customers to newer, innovative, and tiny little brands that are sought out by ‘early adoption.’ Consumers are seeking out authentic experiences and products that resonate with their lifestyle and provide them entertainment and connection on a local or more intimate level than the established brand. If you can buy an item at Walmart or if the company can afford to advertise nationally, then it’s not for many of these modern day connoisseurs of items in every possible product category. The advent of mobile internet along with social media is speeding this early adoption of new items at faster speeds than ever before across varied platforms like the including various smartphones, kindles, and tablets.

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