Who Do I Serve?

I serve passionate and enthusiastic people who are struggling trying to get the results that their efforts SHOULD gibe them.  They are normally aged 25 to 50 years old, have a sense of humour and expect to be treated as a fast track professional on full throttle.  They respect me as much as I respect them.

This means that they show up on time, pay their bills and most evangelise their results with me, with the result that most of my consulting work has come from referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.  They do their preparation and homework as agreed and give me feedback on what is great but also help me to improve.

What do they want?

My clients want results.  The best possible in the shortest time.  They have people they can speak to but turn to me for a different level of relationship, 100% focused on how they can benefit the most from the time they spend with me.  They want sessions that can be managed in a busy schedule – that means that travel time to an external location is a non starter.  There are few limitations to the topics we can address but they do exist.

Skype coaching is a remarkably powerful tool, personal and flexible at the same time, enabling highly effective coaching across continents and time zones.

How Do I Deliver Skype Coaching

Most of my coaching sessions are done through Skype Video.  I have used Skype for many years serving clients from Australia to South Africa, Eastern Europe to the United States.

On the technical side, I have a top end iMac, high speed internet, an HD Logitech web cam and a Blue Yeti microphone. All calls are recorded, audio and video, using eCamm call recorder.

Sessions are normally 60 minutes and are recorded as part of the service.  Files are uploaded to Dropbox where the links are shared.  This is particularly helpful as it reduces the requirement for the person being coached to take detailed notes of the session enabling them to concentrate on the discussion.

What is the Result of Working with me?

My clients are more confident and knowledgeable in the areas Business Strategy, Internet Marketing and Online Courses.  They save time and money by avoiding unnecessary mistakes and by discovering the best tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  This leaves them in control of their businesses and reduces their personal stress levels.  They gain actionable advice and are provided with clear frameworks to use to enable them to achieve the success that they deserve.

Coaching Packages

You can find out more the detail of my coaching packages by following these links:

You can find the detail about my Coaching Sessions Basics here.

How Can You Get Started?

Thats simple, fill in the short contact form on my main Coaching Page here.

I will swiftly respond to you with my suggestions for how we can progress our relationship and, if necessary, will arrange a short complimentary Skype call to discuss your needs in detail.  I do this knowing that more than 50% of these calls result in a paying client.  The only condition I have for making this offer, is that you respect my time enough to make use of it.  So, if I set aside time for you, I expect you to either pay me for it or, if we are doing a complimentary session, that you give me the chance to listen to your needs and to give you my feedback on what I think is possible.