Do you know the 12 Steps to a Social Media Marketing Audit?

12 Steps to a Social Media Marketing Audit


Do you know the 12 Steps of a Social Media Marketing Audit?

If you are looking to review your Social Media Marketing Strategy with me or anyone else, I believe it is helpful to work together to systematically assess your current situation.

To do this I have devised 12 Questions – Six Offline Questions and Six Questions relating to your current Online activities.


I have also made this brief video to help to explain the questions and why I think they are important.

So to Summarise, the Six Offline Questions are:

  1. Summarise your Products and Services
  2. Explain your Pricing Structure
  3. Who are your Customers?  Where do you expect to find them online?
  4. What are your current offline and online marketing strategies?
  5. What are your channels to market?
  6. What is your marketing budget?  How do you currently allocate this?

The Six Online Questions are:

  1. What is your website URL?
  2. Which Social Media Platforms are you/your business on?  Provide links to all pages/platforms
  3. What online content do you produce?
  4. How well connected are you Online
  5. Do you use email to contact your customers?  How?
  6. What are your social media marketing/online Marketing Objectives?
At the end of the Video (and the Slide Presentation) I briefly introduce you to the Six Pillars of Social Media Strategy which are:
  1. Platform Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Influencer Strategy
  4. Email Strategy
  5. Social Media Marketing Funnel
  6. Metrics

These are the Six Pillars I use when working with my clients on their Social Media Marketing Strategy.

I have uploaded the Slides in the video to Slideshare and they are also downloadable for your convenience.

Thank you for joining the Conversation!

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