6MS Episode 62 Do you want to get Smarter in 2013?


Is 2013 the year of getting Smarter?  If your name is Marc Binkley from marketing and social media sales Consultancy firm Sleeping Barber it is.



Marc has designed a “Self Directed Learning Project” which is akin to a self designed MBA which he is under taking in 2013.  You can find out more about it on his Blog at The Sleeping Barber – http://sleepingbarber.com/self-directed-learning-project-in-brand-growth/

Marc has designed a structure and a methodology which he has then populated with resources, both offline and online, to help him achieve his goal.

He was kind enough to agree to be interviewed for my podcast on iTunes, A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist, and I have embedded the interview below so that you can access it easily.

Marc’s syllabus also includes 50 of the best business books he has come across.  While we all have our view on what should be in this list, I think Marc’s list is well considered and I certainly have identified several books on the list which were new to me.

If you want to follow his programme, he has set out a slide deck on his blog – http://sleepingbarber.com/self-directed-learning-project-in-brand-growth/ –  which you can also access and download from Slideshare – follow this link.

As a postscript to the interview, I am offering you a free Six Minute Strategist 2013 Calendar – in US and UK versions – which contains 12 of my most highly rated Podcasts as well as a bonus section which draws your attention to Tim Ferriss’s 3 “Four Hour” books.

The blog post relating to this may be found at https://jbdcolley.com/calendar.  Alternative you can download it for free and without any sign ups from my Slideshare account at this link for the US Version and at this link for the UK version.

I hope you enjoy the interview and get a lot of value from Marc’s programme.  My thanks to him for sharing his time with us.

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Thank you for joining the Conversation.


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  1. Thanks John,

    I’m really appreciative of your work on this. It’s a great post! I’ll definitely be back to learn more from you during my project this year!



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