6 Great Podcasts – listening to Social Media Marketing Part 1

I was recently asked about my favourite Podcasts and started to explain enthusiastically about who I listen to and why.  I have already blogged about two of my favourites, Addicted to Social Media and Six Pixels of Separation.

The discussion made me think and I went back to my itunes account and have looked carefully at the podcasts I listen to regularly and those I dipped into and then did not revisit.

I have narrowed it down to 12 and will do two posts regarding my favourites.  These are in no particular order – that would be invidious.  I have provided a brief summary and a link to the appropriate website – all can also be found in iTunes

So with no further ad0…

Addicted to Social Media

Neal Wiser, Seth Goldstein and Jody Raines weekly discussion (always lively and fun) on the current hot topics in Social Media.  Often an interesting Mac vs PC argument, the latest dastardly acts of Facebook (privacy for instance) and some great picks of the week.  Not one to miss. Episodes last on average 30 to 45 minutes.

Defining New Media – The Podcast

Scott Scanlon, the Chief  Strategic Officer of Webbizideas has done a daily show (5 times a week) discussing a broad set of issues but also offering specific tips and ideas that you can consider for your own marketing campaigns.  The episodes last around 15 minutes each and I enjoy listening to them in groups – a whole week at a time.

DishyMix with Susan Bratton

This is a great interview show hosted by Susan Bratton and has currently reached episode 179.  I have only so far listened to the last dozen but am determined to go back into her archives to get the rest.  Susan’s style is penetrating questioning overlaid with great West Coast humour and is very engaging.  I have learned a great deal from the insights of her interviewees.

For Immediate Release – the Hobson and Holtz Report

This podcast is hosted by Shel Holz and Neville Hobson takes on a limited number of different formats – interviews, discussions and sometimes recordings of social media keynotes and presentations from conferences.  Twice weekly the content is great and the style is discursive and informing.  Episodes range from around 30 minutes to over an hour in length.

GoTo Meeting Corporate Podcasts

This podcast (which technically is actually a vidcast but you can still listen and learn) is a promotion for the Citrix GoTo Meeting software.  While I am sure the podcasts demonstrate the effectiveness of the software, the content is brilliant covering a wide range of topics.  One of my favourites is the Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch.  Well worth keeping for reference and highly informative. Episodes come out about one a week and last around one hour.

Jaffe Juice/Across the Sound

This podcast is hosted by the irrepressible, chief interupted, Joseph Jaffe.  Joseph is the author of Flip the Funnel – How to use existing customers to get new ones.  His podcasts are full of irreverent but not irrelevent comment on Social Media and Marketing.  His interviews are great but the ones I like best are the two handers with Mitch Joel  – another favourite of mine.  Just in case you can’t get enough he also does a TV show – JaffeJuiceTV!  Episodes last around an hour.

Thats the first six for you to be getting on with.  I would love to get your recommendations for other Social Media Marketing podcasts and vidcasts! Please email me or leave a comment!

Full Disclosure: I have no affiliate or commercial links with any of the podcasts covered above – I just think they are great and I want to share this with you!

I will cover the next six in my next post….

2 thoughts on “6 Great Podcasts – listening to Social Media Marketing Part 1”

  1. Sorry for the late comment about your post, but everything gets backed up in the States during the holidays. Anyway, on behalf of the Addicted to Social Media crew, we wanted to thank you for your recognizing our humble podcast. We work hard to make our podcast informative and relevant and we really appreciate the recognition. If you’d like to suggest topics for future podcasts, or would like to contribute in other ways, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you again!

    Co-Founder, Addicted to Social Media (A2SM.com)

    1. Neal
      Thanks for the post and hope you all had a great thanksgiving. Thank you too for the great content and inspiration. Missed you on the last podcast – hey Seth and Jodie do a great job without you !!! :). Will keep listening and try to contribute.
      Best regards

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