Launching The Six Minute Strategist

Welcome to the Six Minute Strategist !

This is where Corporate Strategy and Business Development meet the Internet, Social Media and Web 2.0

Each Topic – Six points in under Six minutes


The Six Minute Strategist concept is designed to create a framework for focus and communication.  By using Magic Hexagons, topics and issues are broken down into six points which can be explained in under six minutes.

The aim of the site is to help Entrepreneurs GROW their businesses, improve their profitability and maximise their value on Exit.

What do I do?

I specialise in advising companies operating in the Technology Sector but of course the internet applies to all companies and many of the lessons I have learned about my own business applies to yours.

On this site I want to provide you with an ever expanding range of resources covering:

1. Start Ups

2. Capital Raising

3. Growth

4. Social Media

5. Mergers and Acquisitions

6. Exits

With over 20 years experience evaluating and advising companies, this site is designed to share my learning with you.

Come and visit the website and let me share what I have learned with you.

And if you have a Corporate Strategy, Business Development or Social Media question I will do my best to answer it in my Blog.

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