Serendipity or How to create Business Opportunity from a Single Facebook Connection


One of the great things about Podcasting it that it leads to the most unexpected and rewarding collaborations.  My recent experience with Tim Forrest, a food industry consultant to company leaders, governments and institutions worldwide


We connected through Facebook and very quickly found ourselves sharing and pooling our expertise to tackle a specific business problem (in confidence, of course).  You can find Tim’s Blog here.

I have made this short two minute video to tell you the story…

But it does not stop there…

Tim then approached his digital media expert, Pieter Jordaan, who was kind enough to tailor-make the new intro to my Six Minute Strategist videos (Did you like it?).  Pieter is an expert in the creation of professional motion graphics for broadcasting, presentations, weddings and the web.  You can find his site, here.  Definitely check it out. You can can connect to Pieter at pjorrie1[at]gmail[dot]com.

Tim and I then recorded a podcast in which he interviewed me about my work and The Six Minute Strategist methodology.  He posted this on his site and I have put a copy up here.

In talking with Tim, I was inspired to write a brief ebook entitled – How to think like a Six Minute Strategist… in Six Minutes.  We are finalising that and I will make it available on this blog in the very near future as part of my free bonus for signing up to my mailing list.  Do look out for that!

Tim has since introduced me to Jeff Sheehan and we are working on a Guest Post on Trust in Online Marketing for his blog Sheehan Marketing Strategies which you can find here.  I will let you know when it comes out.

So to recap, One chance connection on Facebook has led to…

  • Three great direct connections,
  • One podcast interview,
  • One guest blog post,
  • Some video work, and
  • an ebook – How to Think Like the Six Minute Strategist…in Six Minutes
  • all in the space of 10 days.

None of this has been particularly time consuming, but that is all it has cost, time and everyone has gained and expanded their networks as a result.

I think if you are looking for a reason why Online Marketing is so powerful, this is a pretty good example.

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