What is a Small Business Social Media Strategy? Video Introduction

Small Business Social Media Strategy


I have written a four part post addressing the question: What is a Small Business Social Media Strategy.

In order to give you a brief introduction to the topic, I have recorded this brief video to help you decide whether or not the post is relevant to you.

I have posted Part 1 today and will post Part 2 on Wednesday 25th Jan 2012, Part 3 on Friday 27th Jan 2012 and the final part on Monday 30th Jan 2012.  I hope you find it both helpful and interesting.

Here is the video…..

You can find the first Part of this series, What is a Small Business Social Media Strategy? here.

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2 thoughts on “What is a Small Business Social Media Strategy? Video Introduction”

  1. Talk about social media strategy in marketing management is widespread all over the internet nowadays. This is basically due to the fact that almost every individual who has access to the internet is now hooked to this hype of going from one particular social network to another.

    1. Jason, I agree, there is a lot of hype and butterflying going on. Thats why you need to work out a strategy and stick to it. As far as Social Media is concerned, its better to be good at one or two platforms than trying to be out there on all of them. Thanks for your comment
      best regards

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