Raising Venture Capital? Before you do, take a look at my Course!

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Are you raising Venture Capital?

If you are you might like to meet up with me and spend a couple of hours asking me lots of questions about the process and what you should do?


Yes, I know time is precious.

What if you could ask all those questions and not have to spend half a day coming up to London to meet with me?

Here is a brief introductory video…

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You can find the Course here – https://jbdcolley.com/startup

Last year I met dozens of Start Up Companies, mentored two, raised some capital for others but for the most part, many of these businesses were too early for Venture Capital and needed Angel and High Net Worth investors.

However, I have accumulated a significant amount of knowledge on the subject and want to make this available to Entrepreneurs to help them with their Capital Raising process.

The course covers a wide range of issues from those you need to address when first thinking about starting the company, to putting the business and financial plans together and there are four modules on Pitching to investors.

On average these modules have taken me four hours each to create and the whole course lasts for one and a quarter hours.  I have provided the slide decks, with notes at the back as PDF downloads so that you can share them with your fellow Directors and Co-Founders.

If you would like to arrange a Coaching Session with me for half a day or a day, please get in touch with me – jbdcolley[at]aol[dot]com once you have been through the Course.  I will deduct the cost of the Course from the cost of the Coaching Session providing it is at least half a day.

You can find the course here – https://jbdcolley.com/startup

Thank you for joining the Conversation!