Marketing Funnels – 15 Essential Components of an Internet Business Marketing Funnels


Marketing Funnels? What are they and How do you build them?

I have been working on this for the past few weeks as I felt it was one of the weakest aspects of my own marketing.

As a result I have compiled a list of 15 Essential Components that you need to include: these are:

  1. Digital Product
  2. Hosting Platform
  3. Action Autoresponder Series
  4. Nurture Autoresponder Series
  5. Welcome Autoresponder Series
  6. Email List
  7. Email Service Provider
  8. Opt-in Form
  9. Landing Page
  10. Lead Magnets
  11. Content and Call to Action
  12. Traffic Sources and Channels
  13. Traffic Campaigns
  14. Traffic Growth Strategies
  15. Audience Avatar

I have prepared a short Checklist of these items containing more explanation to help you to get to grips with this very complex subject!

I hope you find the Checklist Useful!

 Just Click on the Image below to Access the Check List

6 Public Speaking Fears and How to Overcome Them

1 to 1 Coaching with John Colley.002

Public Speaking Fears? Is this a problem for you? For most people Public Speaking triggers one emotion above all: Fear!

If you ask anyone why they don’t like Public Speaking, they will tell you that it terrifies them but if you press them it is difficult to get a specific reason or example of what is so scary!  So, time to explode a few public speaking myths!  Let me convince you that you have nothing to be afraid of and you can be a great public speaker.  Here are six Public Speaking Fears and why you don’t need to pay them any attention!

Fear #1 – The Audience

“I am fine speaking to a small group of people but a large audience terrifies me!”

This is completely misplaced as you are not speaking to a “large audience’, you are engaging in a conversation with one person many times over.  Unless you are a controversial politician you have nothing to fear from your audience. They are giving you their valuable time in return for you bringing them something of value.  Make sure you repeatedly make eye contact with individuals in the audience and speak directly to them, everyone else is just listening in!

Fear #2 The Imposter Syndrome

What if I am not expert enough? What if they see through me?  These questions are common.  All I say is remember that the definition of an expert is someone who knows more than you do.  If you remember that you are there to inform, engage and entertain (“IEE”), if they know something about your subject they will always forgive any overlap with your content as you will be providing them with your unique take on the subject and inevitably providing them with new and valuable information.

In fact, your very presence on the stage, lends you authority and gravity which, as long as you deliver on the “IEE”, they will always respect you and be prepared to listen to what they have to say.

Fear #3 Forgetting My Script

“What if I get so nervous I can’t remember my script?”

This is easy – don’t have a script.  I never do.  I always teach my students that your minimal slides are your “script”.  With only a few words, they are always there to act as your prompt to remind you what you want to say about the topic on that slide.  Then on to the next one.  Throw scripts in the bin, they are for amateurs and politicians (who are always reading someone else’s words).

Fear #4 Self Consciousness

Feeling self conscious standing on a stage is entirely understandable but unnecessary.  The MC has just given you a warm and very flattering introduction.  They audience is clapping and welcoming you to the platform and are ready and eager to hear what you have to say.  You are among friends!

Definitely check your flies are done up (Chaps) before striding forward, but otherwise enjoy the occasion and focus on having high positive energy rather than surrendering to your inner demons!  You are going to kill it! 🙂

Fear #5 Rejection

What if they don’t like what I have to say?  What if this seemingly friendly audience turns on me? What if there is a heckler in the audience?  Well, put your mind at rest!  This is not an issue you need to worry about.  Your audience has probably paid good money or are giving their valuable time to discover what you have to say and share with them!

If someone interrupts you, acknowledged them and politely ask for them to wait at until the end when you will take questions.  If they persist, simply ask politely again to wait until the end as everyone else in the audience is here to here you and it would be better not to spoil their experience.  This will get everyone else on your side.

I have never been heckled – so this is a most unlikely scenario.  The persistent questioner needs to be parked until the end of the presentation.  You can always ask them to wait until the end and you will speak with them at the end in the break.

Your audience is your greatest group of supporters.  They are there for you and will respect your authority and back you up.  So don’t worry about them rejecting you in any way – its not going to happen!

Fear # 6 Difficult Questions

What if I can’t answer them?

The best way to answer a question to which you don’t know the answer, is to admit it and tell them to contact you and you will get back to them with an answer.  Just be honest.

What if they don’t ask any?

Getting the first question can sometimes be a bit daunting….for the audience. If there is a silence when you ask for questions, I have two strategies to suggest:

Firstly, ask yourself a question: “While I have been speaking to you it occurred to me that I did not talk to you about what would happen if….” and then answer the question.

Secondly, if you have a Master of Ceremonies, give him a question you have prepared and ask him to introduce it if no one else asks a question!  Its a simple as that because once the first question has been asked, the next will follow.

Banish Your Public Speaking Fears!

As you can see, the only thing to fear is fear itself.  So banish is and get on that stage and blow them away!

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Facebook Pages 25 Inspiring Me!

Facebook Pages offer an an opportunity to connect with people who inspire you.  One of the great pleasures of being an Online Courses instructor is the opportunity to learn from other instructors and be inspired by them!  I am trying to share their Facebook Pages and some of that inspiration with you and my growing Facebook Community over at the Six Minute Strategist Page.


Inspiring Facebook Pages Image.001

In the course of interviewing and meeting so many instructors, I have come across some really inspiring people and I want to share their Facebook Pages with you so that you can dip your toe into their deep well of knowledge and experience.  So in no particular order (that would be impossible)…

25 Inspiring Facebook Pages

1. Rob Cubbon

Why?: For great guidance on being a digital nomad and his great design skills

Rob Cubbon

2. Ani Alexander

Why?: For anything to do with writing and publishing eBooks (or hard copy!)

Ani Alexander Write to Be Read


3. Meron Bareket

Why?: For the Inspiring Innovation Podcast and being the go to guy (for me) on Podcasting!

Meron Bareket

4. Chris Ducker

Why?: For leading, Entrepreneurial inspiration – and incidentally he is quite good at outsourcing and virtual assistants!

Chris Ducker


5. Nick Loper

Why?: For Side Hustling and finding amazing people who create income online!

Nick Loper


6. Steven Aitchison

Why?: For being the Facebook expert I turn to and for inspiring people in their daily lives!

Steven Aitchison


7. Mike and Izabela Russell

Why?: For being the founders and organisers of New Media Europe Conference and for being exceptionally great people!

Mike and Izabella Russell

8. Mark Price

Why?: For being one of the smartest technical people I know who is so generous with his advice!

Mark Price

9. Mark Timberlake

Why?: For leading his SME Tribe and always being prepared to share ideas!

Mark Timberlake

10. Jerry Banfield

Why?: For being an outstanding online instructor from whom we can all learn

Jerry Banfield

11. Victor Bastos

Why?: For showing us all how to succeed with an online courses business in Udemy

Victor Bastos


12. Johnny Beirne

Facebook Page Why?: For his passion for Public Speaking which he shares with the Speakific community (and me too!)

Johnny Beirne


13. Cathy Presland

Why?: For always being positive and encouraging and very good at writing and publishing!

Cathy Presland

14. Mark Trego

Why?: For creating an amazing ELearning business and leading the way!

Mark Trego

15. Alexa Fischer

Why?: For her contribution in showing you how you can be amazing in public!

Alexa Fischer


16. Vanessa van Edwards

Why?: For her amazing communication skills and sharing them with us!

Vanessa van Edwards


17.Ian Cleary

Why?: For being an amazing source of information about online tools – and so much more!

Ian Cleary


18. Phil Ebiner

Facebook Page Why?: For creating an amazing online community of students and showing us how we can do it too!

Phil Ebiner


19. Veena Vee

Facebook Page Why?: For inspiring millions of Mums to be millionaires and sharing her infectious enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship!

Veena Vee


20. Tim Paige

Why?: For being the Lead Communicator at Lead Pages – and for not saying No to an interview on a Podcast he had never heard of (mine!)

Tim Paige


21. Jimmy Narraine

Why?: For being an inspiring Online Entrepreneur and creator of online courses packed with very high quality content

Jimmy Narraine


22. Debbie LaChusa

Why?: For showing us how to transfer consulting skills to the online world and for inspiring Entrepreneurs to excel!

Debbie La Chusa

23. Julie Sheranosher

Why?: For hacking time to pieces and always having time to encourage everyone she connects with!

Julie Shernosher

24. Jelle Derckx

Why?: For scaring me with the idea that I might be able to live a minimal life without all my clutter! – Really Jelle?

Jelle Derckx

25. Amy Schmittauer

Why?: For being an absolute Youtube marketing Ninja and for being utterly charming when I met her at New Media Europe 2015 where we were both speaking!

Amy Schmittauer


Who has inspired you? Leave a Comment and Share your most inspirational pages with us all!

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How to Search for Any Course in the Udemy Course Directory – In Six Easy Steps

Data Image


Since the launch of the Udemy Course Directory, nearly 2,000 students have enrolled in the Main and the Lite version of the Directory.

I thought it would be helpful to show you how easy it is to use the Dataset in conjunction with the amazing Visokio Omniscope.

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Udemy Course Directory – Why Its Worth At Least $1!


In late November 2015, I launched my Udemy Courses Directory on Udemy and immediately did an update on the Course Data in December.  Discover why this is the most amazing way to explore the Udemy Market Place and why I am giving this course away for just $1!

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This course took me weeks to put together, the most challenging part being how to get the data off the Udemy website in an appropriate manner.

The result is a Directory of over 21,500 courses from over 9,100 instructors.  This is approximately doubling every 12 months so it will take some keeping up with!

Why Create The Directory in the First Place?

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Announcing the New Six Minute Strategist Chatroom!


New Chatroom Launched!

I am delighted to announce the launch of a Chatroom on my website, The Six Minute Strategist Blog at!

The Chat Room is open to all members of my Community and my Online Course Students.

There are 10 Main Channels – depending on what you are interested in:

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What kind of Udemy Instructor or Student are you?


Does Your Approach as an Instructor Fit with your Student? And Vice-Versa?

As part of my ongoing analysis of Udemy Instructor strategies, I have noticed that different instructors are employing different strategies and that many are achieving success, despite taking a different tack to others!

If you are an Instructor or a Student, it matters that your interests and approach are aligned.

Therefore it is worth spending some time understanding some of the different approaches as these can be adopted and your courses improved by recognising how, as an instructor, you can implement strategies which will help your students have a more satisfying learning experience.

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Amazing Course Discovery and Analysis
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Lets start by taking a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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Do You Want An Unfair Advantage on Udemy?

Course Image 2.003

Are You an Online Udemy Course Instructor?

  • Do you have a specific niche interest?
  • Do you need to understand your competitors?

Are You an Udemy Course Student?

  • Do you have a specific niche interest?
  • Do you struggle to find the BEST courses to take?

Udemy is a fantastic market place for online courses, we all agree!

Now that it has grown so huge, finding the course you want can be really difficult!

Just because Udemy puts it on the first page when you search, does not mean its either the best course or, more importantly, the best course for YOU!

I love UNFAIR advantages!  Information is Power…

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How I made $1,645 Launching One Udemy Course in A Week



The great drawback to Udemy is its prevalent discounting culture, the main advantage is its ever increasing student population.  So how do you protect against one while taking advantage of this other. If you can work this out, then you can have a similar week to the one I have just had.

One Udemy Course Launch – 7 days – $1,645!

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My New Udemy Course Really Upset One Of My Existing Students!




Earlier this week I received the following message from one of my students…he sounded really upset!

Can You Confirm That This Is The Complete Programme

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