Six Minute Strategist – What have I learned from you?

The Six Minute Strategist Blog has been up and running now for over six months and I have been watching with interest the reception and interest in the content I am creating.

I have learned a lot from your comments and reactions to my posts and have reorganised my website accordingly. I thought I would share these lessons with you.

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What (on earth) are YOU doing online?

Scott Scanlon, the host of the excellent Defining New Media Podcast has been conducting a poll on his website ( to try to learn more about his audience and what they will benefit from him. I took the poll and he emailed me back (great responsiveness) and posed the following questions – Six questions, Scott! – Thanks just perfect for the Six Minute Strategist.

What exactly your trying to do or who you are trying to reach.
Who is your target market?
Where is the revenue stream?
What is the biggest benefit someone gets with working with you?
What is your target markets desired outcome?
What is your goal in all this?

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Facebook De-Nationalises Money – The Worlds New Reserve Currency

However, I think there is a better argument. Facebook issuing its own currency. Globally at a stroke they would not disintermediate banks but Governments. People in any location could trade their online and offline goods and services for Facebook Credits (Lets not call them dollars – so 20th Century!).

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Digital Coach – to be or not to be? That is the Question!

I recently spent half a day with Thomas Power and attended his Digital Mind Set Seminar in London. The purpose of the seminar is to help attendees understand the role of the Ecademy Digital Coach and whether this is for them. Ecademy is one of, soon to be many, organisations which are moving its Social Media expertise into the coaching market. The reason for this is simple, there is a huge market of corporates and individuals who need to learn more about Social Media and Ecademy needs to scale its teaching business and use greater scale to leverage its knowledge.

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