Six Minute Strategist – What have I learned from you?

The Six Minute Strategist Blog has been up and running now for over six months and I have been watching with interest the reception and interest in the content I am creating.

I have learned a lot from your comments and reactions to my posts and have reorganised my website accordingly. I thought I would share these lessons with you.

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6MS – VC Insights: Why VC investing is like Horse Racing

This is a new brief series of brief insights from the Six Minute Strategist Blog which aims to give you an under the skin understanding of Venture Capital Finance. This is about listening to what the VCs are NOT saying and learning to think the way they think. I shall publish these periodically and would be interested to get feed back as to whether these insights are helpful.

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What (on earth) are YOU doing online?

Scott Scanlon, the host of the excellent Defining New Media Podcast has been conducting a poll on his website ( to try to learn more about his audience and what they will benefit from him. I took the poll and he emailed me back (great responsiveness) and posed the following questions – Six questions, Scott! – Thanks just perfect for the Six Minute Strategist.

What exactly your trying to do or who you are trying to reach.
Who is your target market?
Where is the revenue stream?
What is the biggest benefit someone gets with working with you?
What is your target markets desired outcome?
What is your goal in all this?

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Six Minute Strategist Book Review New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Meerman Scott

If you are new to Social Media and are looking for a holistic primer, a broad informative overview – look no further.

David’s updated New Rules of Marketing and PR is both a good read and an excellent reference book. A foreword from Robert Scoble, the Scobleizer – is a great vote of confidence and a brilliant way to kick off the narrative.

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